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Viceroy AXA

SERENITY NOW on the Shores of Viceroy Anguilla

SERENITY NOW on the Shores of Viceroy Anguilla

Ever have one of those days…

I just did. You know the kind I mean. The kind overflowing with insufferable angst, frustration, and a good dose  or three of bad vibes? Yeah, even those of us who live the Uncommon Caribbean lifestyle are not immune to such vagaries.

The source of my ire: my soon-to-be-former Internet service provider. They shall remain nameless, though the utter COMedy that is their “customer service” has certainly CAST a pall over what otherwise would’ve been a bright and shiny day.

It is for days like these that we created our “Moment of Zen” videos in the first place. From a haunting melody at the Capilla Del Cristo Chapel in Old San Juan, to a marvelous sunrise in St. Croix, our zen videos have soothed stressed out UC fans with calms sights and sounds from all over the Caribbean – even under our waters!

We usually save our Moments of Zen to the first of every new month, but I NEED SERENITY NOW!

Thus, the following little slice of peace and seaside niceness shot last summer at the fabulous Viceroy Anguilla

Deep breath. Press play. Repeat as necessary.