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Uncommon Attraction: The White Sand Beaches of Calibishie, Dominica

Uncommon Attraction: The White Sand Beaches of Calibishie, Dominica

A white sand beach wouldn’t normally count as uncommon in the Caribbean. The region’s virtually synonymous with ’em, of course, and for very good reason.

This, however, is Dominica, a land so loaded with volcanoes (nine!) that you might think a white sand beach like this impossible to find anywhere among its 290 square miles. I sure felt that way, even after visiting the island… twice.

(In my defense, the first visit barely lasted more than two hours, while the second one was almost entirely spent adventuring in the wilds that tend to draw people here much more so than the typical “sun, sand, and sea” enticements primarily proffered elsewhere.)

So, yeah, I was pretty surprised to see this cozy cove of white shoreline while driving around Dominica’s Calibishie region along the north coast of the island back in February. I soon came to know from my guide that there are actually several (six?) great beaches like this in the area.

I also learned that just like everywhere else in Dominica, you can also find towering peaks crisscrossed with invigorating hiking trails in Calibishie , as well as cascading waterfalls hidden among the lush rainforest, and all manner of exotic flora and fauna.

Hmmm… Sounds like Calibishie deserves a closer look from your friends at UC soon. If you’ve ever visited and have recommendations on places to stay and things to do, please drop us a line and let us know…

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  • Gumby

    near Calibishie,2006

  • djeasy

    Who ever wrote this article need to do get all their info correct before posting things like this…..THIS IS NOT CALIBISHIE. ..THIS IS WOODFORDHILL. …so edit that post

    • Whoa, djeasy, no need to shout. The article is meant to reference and draw attention to beaches in the “Calibishie area,” not necessarily Calibishie proper. Having just visited there for the first time in February and seeing this sign right next to the beach, I felt comfortable making the association.

      • Nature Lover

        Steve, thank you for this article promoting Dominica! I love calling this island home, and get a joy reading people enjoying what I love about this island. I apologize for djeasy’s curt remarks which should have been more tactful.

  • Tryphena Andrew

    I normally follow your articles but this time can you please rephrase the title? This is Woodfordhill beach – Cimit Bay. on you way to that area, you must have passed the entrance which gave the exact name. Your tour guide must have missed that part.

    You did not see any signage after the Calibishie area to say you’re entering the Woodfordhill area therefore we will liaise with our village council to fix that.

    Thanks for visiting Dominica and do come again.

    A word of advice tho, next time verify before you put an article up.