Beach Necessities

Seeing, Feeling The Beach Like a Kid Again

What’s in your ultimate beach bag? I’m not talking absolute beach necessities like sunscreen and drinking water. We’re focused on the frilly stuff here. The extra-added somethings that make your beach days really sizzle.

Maybe it’s a bluetooth speaker, a book (Here’s a GREAT one!), or e-book reader.

Or could it be something bigger; something that can’t fit in your beach bag. Comfy beach chairs? Pop-up shade structure? Cooler full of cold ones?

When I’m not in the Caribbean, the must-haves for beach days near my home in Florida often include most of the above.

Down in the islands, though, it’s a different story.

Less is definitely more in those instances, the better to fully feel the vibes of whatever corner of the Caribbean I happen to be visiting. In this way, my Caribbean beach visits take me back to my youngest days in Saint Croix.

Like my nephew pictured here frolicking in The Bahamas, childhood me never needed much more than what the beach naturally provided in order to have the time of my life. 

Having the chance to experience the beach like a kid again is easily among the greatest blessings of producing Uncommon Caribbean… And one I can’t wait to enjoy again soon. 

Wish you were here..?

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