Sexy Sailors in Antigua

Postcards from the Sexy Sailors: Taking 5 at Sugar Ridge, Antigua

It’s been a while since we’re heard from our friends Alex and Taru, the loving, young European couple we affectionately refer to as the Sexy Sailors. As you may recall, these seafaring adventurers left the real world behind in favor of circumnavigating the globe back in October 2010. So far, they’ve spent the majority of their time traipsing around the Caribbean, dropping anchor along such sultry shores as Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Barts and St. Maarten/St. Martin.

It all sounds super glamorous, right? If you’ve had a look at the amazing photography Taru posts to their blog you’d say it all looks super glamorous too!

Truth is, Alex and Taru toil hard for their fun. Very, VERY hard, in fact, to the tune of 70+ hours per week of pure work!

If you’ve ever owned a boat, worked on a boat, or paid attention while sailing for any even remotely extended length of time, then you know that there is ALWAYS work to be done aboard ship. If there isn’t something to fix, then there’s always something to clean or replace, the better to keep your vessel one step ahead of Mother Nature’s persistent decay.

In need of a respite, Alex and Taru recently checked into the Sugar Ridge hotel in Antigua. By all accounts, their stay here made all the recent hard work more than worthwhile.

Perched atop its namesake hill on the west coast of Antigua, Sugar Ridge is comprised of 60 rooms set in clusters of four that wrap around the property. The effect creates sweeping panoramic views of Antigua’s south and west coasts, as well as the neighboring islands of Redonda, St. Kitts and Nevis.

The place is all about pampering and revitalizing guests in style. There’s an on-site Aveda Concept Spa, pilates/yoga studio, salon, fitness center, two restaurants, and three pools. All of that combines with Sugar Ridge’s ultra-comfy rooms, each decked out in modern contemporary style with nice hints of local West Indian charm.

The only drawback for some is that the property is not directly on the beach. As you can see in the postcard photo above, though, that wasn’t a problem for Alex and Taru. From their blog:

The beaches surrounding this area are some of the most beautiful on the island and if you for some reason would get tired of one, you have many more just a short walk or ride away.

If you’re looking for a great place to unwind, Sugar Ridge may just be the perfect place for you too.

For more details on Alex and Taru’s experience at Sugar Ridge, click here.

For more on Sugar Ridge itself, visit the hotel website here.

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