Kiteboarding Barbados

Kiteboarding Barbados: Shinn Showcases The Best of Bim

Back in January, we shared a Saturday Video showcasing why the small seaside village of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is the kiteboarding and action sports capital of the Caribbean. Soon thereafter, Patrick confirmed those lofty chops in our own, unique style. Now, he’ll need to look into kiteboarding Barbados.

The video comes from Shinn, one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of kiteboards, and clearly the type of folks who subscribe to the same type of uncommonly adventuresome travel we talk about here every day. You can see it in their footage, a fast-paced intro to the wondrous kiteboarding opportunities in Barbados that also captures the seaside beauty of Barbados wonderfully. Little details like scurrying crabs and seagrape leaves waving in the wind add perspective and sense of place amid the high-flying seaborne acrobatics facilitated by the Shinn boards…I love it!

The video runs just under two minutes, though it will probably have you wanting to book your next Barbados escape well before the final credits roll.

See you soon in Barbados..!

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