Caribbean Sea Sunset, Bequia

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Your Vacation Days

Dear Americans,

Let’s not beat around the bush. You’ve got a problem. According to a recent interactive study conducted on behalf of our friends at JetBlue, 57% of you will have unused vacation time at the end of the year. And not just a couple hours here and there. On average, you leave 11 vacation days on the table each year.

Seriously, America?

Take a look at that photo above — captured just off the coast of Bequia.

What do you see? 

For 43% of you, it should remind you of how days full of sunshine and adventure end while traveling in the Caribbean. You can probably almost smell the salty, fresh air. Memories of cyan waters erupting in an array of oranges and yellows as another day in paradise comes to a close must be swirling in your mind’s eye. Even now, you’re digging through our stories planning your next trip which, let’s admit it, can’t come soon enough.

But for the other 57%? I can only imagine it appears as a sad, sad reminder of the sun setting on another year spent toiling away under fluorescent lights earning vacation days only to let them die on the vine.

Listen America, we love you and can’t bear to see work sucking the life out of you. We’re here every day of the week because we want you to accept help. We’re here to help. It’s not too late.

The first step to recovery is downloading this image as a reminder to never let the sun set on another year without using all of your rightfully earned vacation days. Together, we can beat this unhealthy addiction to work.


Your friends at Uncommon Caribbean.

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