Saturday Video: Kitesurfing in Bonaire

Update: Unfortunately, this video has been removed.

Could you imagine visiting an exotic Caribbean locale and spending so much time underwater that you leave without ever getting even the faintest sense for what the island has to offer above the waves? Not likely, right? Well, I’m not so sure, especially if you’re a hardcore scuba diver visiting Bonaire.

The island’s undersea sights, marine life, and attractions are just that amazing; that captivating. And if you’re anything like other hardcore scuba divers I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with in the past, nothing else will matter to you.

Bonaire’s thrills are certainly not confined to its undersea environs, though. In fact, by the looks of the video above, if you’re a hardcore kitesurfer, it’s possible you could arrive and depart Bonaire without ever giving the scuba options a second thought.

As noted on the Kiteboarding Bonaire website:

The yearround steady tradewinds, warm water and easygoing atmosphere make our island the perfect destination for kiteboarders of all levels.

This handy website covers just about everything you might need to plan a kiting adventure to this uncommon Dutch paradise – reports on wind conditions, hotel listings, info on lessons, equipment rentals, and more.

Check it out, and enjoy the video, which features one of my all-time favorite reggae jams, Peter Tosh’s Brand New Secondhand.

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