Soggy Dollar Bar Webcam

Soggy Dollar Bar Webcam Puts You On The Beach In The BVI’s

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. Party central in the British Virgin Islands. Sun-kissed days bring scores of boaters here for one of the best beach party scenes anywhere in the Caribbean. So synonymous is White Bay with Painkiller-fueled fun that it’s hard to imagine these shores sans people on a sunny day. Thanks to COVID-19, though, the Soggy Dollar Bar Webcam is currently showing a different story.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Soggy Dollar ranks among the most legendary Caribbean beach bars. As you can see, the bar’s location is a big plus. So too is the colorful backstory that spawned Soggy Dollar’s name and the overall vibe. As I wrote a few years back…

…the place [Soggy Dollar Bar] has all the makings for me. A mostly outdoor setting in the sand; random flags, stickers, and patches left behind by happy patrons; strong drinks; an insanely pristine beach – what’s not to love?

Actually, Patrick did find a few things he didn’t particularly love on his last visit a few years back. In all fairness, he’s not into Painkillers or the mostly sweet drink options at Soggy Dollar. Also, neither of us like our Caribbean beaches too crowded. On Patrick’s visit, White Bay smacked more Spring Break in the Florida Panhandle than the West Indies.

Yeah, not ideal in our uncommon sense of beach liming…

As the Soggy Dollar Bar Webcam shows, though, crowds are not a problem right now. And personally I like Painkillers.

How about you..? Wanna’ join me here once the time is right to see how the Soggy Dollar legend is holding up..?


*Lead photo credit: Patrick Bennett


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