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The Fred Hotel Webcam Lets You Hit The Beach in St. Croix From Home

As a native Crucian, my longing for the beaches of St. Croix is always strong. These days, of course, it’s even more so. That’s not so say that life under quarantine at my house in Florida has been bad. We’ve had great weather, my mango tree is providing us with some early fruit, and my elderly dog is loving all the attention from having everyone around all the time. Extended time away from the sea, though, is always tough for me. Time away from St. Croix’s seas, even tougher. Thankfully, though, there’s The Fred Hotel Webcam.

That’s right, the most stylish boutique hotel in all of the U.S. Virgin Islands is beaming a live feed of the beach in Frederiksted to the world 24/7, 365 days-a-year! By the looks of it, The Fred Hotel webcam must be mounted close to the fantastic room I enjoyed there during my last visit. As I noted previously, the view from my room – Douglas House, unit 3204 – was a big highlight of my trip.

You’re looking due west, the calm Caribbean Sea stretching as far as your vision might allow. It’s a perspective that immediately informs your mind and soul that you are in West. Frederiksted. Freedom City. A place that in many ways is the most historically significant anywhere in all of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It is, indeed, one of the most special, relaxing, and inspiring views you can enjoy anywhere in St. Croix. This, of course, goes double during the daily afternoon Golden Hour. You’re looking due west, so expect unobstructed views of what, for me, is one of the best sunset experiences anywhere in the Caribbean.

(I am biased, I know, but seriously, it’s fantastic!)

And you can experience it all in the comfort of your own home! Today! And Everyday! How amazing is that?!

Thanks to our great friends at The Fred for allowing us to enjoy it until said time we can return to Frederiksted and revel in the real thing.

The Fred Hotel, Restaurant & Bar, St. Croix


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