A Plea for a Mango Recipe

Mangoes from my tree/SBPR

Mango season is in full-swing here at the UC South Florida headquarters! I just picked all these up off the ground surrounding the enormous mango tree that dominates my backyard. I’m guessing that for many of you, the image above presents a majorly mouth-watering sight.

For me, not so much.

As I wrote last year, mango season is not my favorite time of year. My distaste for these super-sweet spheres won’t stop the onslaught of falling fruit forecast over the next few weeks, though, so I’m putting out a call to you, our faithful readers, to see if you can help me make the best of the season.

I’m looking for a recipe – any kind of recipe – that I can employ to put my usual bumper crop to good use. It could be a cocktail mix, a non-alcoholic smoothie thing, some sort of chutney, an entree, an appetizer… an anything!

As usual for us, the more uncommon the recipe, the better!

If I try and like your recipe, we’ll feature it in a future Taste of the Caribbean post, plus we’ll send you an official Uncommon Caribbean t-shirt absolutely free.

Please use our contact form to send in your submissions.

Good luck!

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