Help Me Pick Out New Sunglasses

Unlike Patrick, who has long eschewed the benefits afforded by a quality pair of sunglasses in favor of his trademark Helios broad-rimmed hat, I’m rarely found without my trusty “outs” firmly anchored somewhere about my head or face.

And, in what amounts to a bit of a miracle in my world, I’ve somehow managed to maneuver through the entire five-year+ run of Uncommon Caribbean with the very same pair of amazing Arnette’s.

If you’ve seen me anywhere during the past five years in daylight (and sometimes at night), you’ve seen them on me. Whether boating, bar-hopping, hiking, running, floating, wining, scaling mountain peaks, sampling authentic West Indian food and drink treats, or simply lounging about, these sunglasses have proved the perfect companion to my travel adventures.

As you can see in the lead image above, they did pretty well below the waves too, except for one thing…

They sink!

On countless occasions boating in Bimini, paddleboarding in Martinique, or otherwise goofing about some choppy surf at Maracas Bay in Trinidad, my sunglasses and I have become separated, leaving me scrambling to retrieve them before they were swallowed up by the sea.

That’s not the main reason why I’m in the market for a new pair, though. Years of abuse have left their mark(s), the scratches on the lenses now outnumbering the clear spots.

Basically, though, I’m afraid it’s just time for a change. So, with an eye toward solving my sinking shades issue, I’m considering a pair of Dragon’s. Here’s why…

Do you own a pair of Dragon Alliance sunglasses? What do you think of ’em? Leave a comment below, or hit me up on twitter with your take on Dragon gear, or to suggest another brand I might want to try.

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