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Cast Net Fishing – Uncommon Envy

Like most Dads, my Old Man taught me a great many things over the years. Most of those lessons centered on food, as we’ve noted here. Then, of course, there was the usual dignity and respect stuff. Mix in a bit of driving instruction and some tips on how to fix stuff and you mostly get the me as shaped by my Dad. One thing missing, though, is what you see pictured here… Cast net fishing.

Yeah, my Dad was pretty good at casting a net, and in so doing, catching bait fish in order to catch us some dinner. I was super young at the time, but I can still remember him leaning into a mighty cast near dusk somewhere off the western shores of St Croix. His powerfully balletic movements captivated me, as most anything a Dad does in the eyes of a young son.

Somehow, though, my Dad’s net fishing prowess and knowledge was never passed on. I don’t actually recall him spending a whole lot of time net casting. He’d know better (I still gotta ask him), but I imagine this form of fishing only lasted a few months or a year or two, tops.

Anyway, I still find myself fascinated every time I see someone cast net fishing during my travels throughout the Caribbean. Here’s hoping I can still find time to pick up this skill and show my Dad so he can critique and continue teaching me…

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