Sailboat Stays Across The Caribbean Starting at $50 Per-Night

Boutique hotels and fancy villas are nice, but as uncommon accommodations go, it’s hard to beat a boat. The salt air always in your face, a refreshing sea dip never more than a moment away… Sailboat stays are pure bliss.

Let’s say, though, that you want to get a taste of life at sea, but don’t actually want to sail anywhere. Maybe island-hopping just isn’t your thing. You know where you want to be, just so long as you can stick and stay on a boat.

Luckily, our friends at Airbnb have you covered. The online marketplace for non-traditional accommodations boasts quite the assortment of sailboat stays all across the Caribbean. Most of them are even priced under $100 per-night!

Here are a few affordable sailboat stays that you might want to consider for your next Caribbean escape…

Antigua from $110/night.

Aruba from $51/night.

Bequia from $105/night.

The Bahamas (Andros) from $95/night.

British Virgin Islands (Virgin Gorda) from $100/night.

Culebra from $89/night.

Curacao from $102/night.

Dominica from $75/night.

Dominican Republic (Samana) from $50/night.

Grenada from $69/night.

Guadeloupe (Marie-Galante) from $142/night.

Jamaica (Montego Bay) from $65/night.

Martinique from $74/night.

Puerto Rico (Old San Juan) from $75/night.

St. Barts from $152/night.

St. Kitts from $60/night.

St. Lucia from $79/night.

St. Maarten from $52/night.

St. John from $85/night.

St. Thomas from $66/night.

Tobago from $75/night.


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