Saturday Video: Malibu’s Light-hearted Look at our Laid Back Caribbean Lifestyle

Our Caribbean islands are as famous for their laid-back, irie vibe as anything else. So much so, in fact, that if you’re from there, like us, it’s sometimes easy to take offense to persistently overblown representations of our supposed “laziness.”

Those who come to the islands, stay awhile and allow themselves to really get in tune with the rhythm of our lifestyle, however, soon understand that there’s some method to what many in the more developed world might call madness. It’s not something you can necessarily explain and make the uninitiated understand; you really just have to make the trip, unlearn what you’ve learned in the hustle and bustle of modern life, and surrender to a simpler state of being.

Malibu knows what I mean.

The famous maker of flavored rums does a pretty good job of highlighting the folly of living too fast in a series of funny ads like this one…

Indeed, if we in the Caribbean adopted the more hectic lifestyle prevalent in the Western world, much of what makes our islands so special would cease to be.

Think of that next time the ferry you’re trying to catch somewhere in the Caribbean is running late because the captain is busy chatting up ‘im friend, or the cashier at your local island grocery store is taking her sweet time just ’cause. These unwelcome annoyances aren’t always so bad in the grand scheme of things, especially if you just want to buy a melon…

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