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Rainy Day Zen on the Beaches of Tortuguero, Costa Rica

It’s not most anyone’s ideal image of a magical beach day in the Caribbean, but for me, in many ways, this grey day I experienced along the shores of Tortuguero, Costa Rica brings back lots of wonderful memories. Heading to the beach in stormy weather was a real highlight of my early childhood in St. Croix. That was when the waves were the biggest, especially at Davis Bay, now Carambola Beach, creating hours of body surfing fun. Bad weather also meant zero crowds, a factor I still find critical to my overall beach enjoyment today. All-in-all, though, I think I really most appreciated the grey skies because they offered something different than the usual crisp and clear-blue sunny skies the norm of everyday life in most of the Caribbean. I guess when it’s summer all the time, sometimes it feels good to get even the slightest little taste of something close to fall. Here, in Tortuguero, they “enjoy” conditions like these a lot more often than we did back in St. Croix, a product of the area’s dense and wild rainforest surrounds. The surf isn’t open for body surfing or swimming of any kind due to severe rip currents, but the sound of the steady, strong surf soothes just the same…

Your monthly moment of zen.

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