Saturday Video: Hiking to Boiling Lake, Dominica

Boiling Lake - Dominica

It’s my 11th wedding anniversary weekend (the actual day is tomorrow), which of course means I’m under the gun. Long-time UC readers may remember that I missed my 10th in favor of traipsing around on another uncommon adventure in Martinique. A little advice, guys: DON’T EVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

Though I jetted off with her blessing, and she’s always very cool and understanding about my less than normal travel schedule, my wife was none-too-happy to be sitting at home in Florida while I enjoyed a magnificent dinner at this ultra-romantic restaurant in Trois-Ilets. You see, we have a tradition where in lieu of buying anniversary gifts, one of us is responsible for picking a new dinner spot for us to enjoy a romantic evening each year. I had picked the ultimate spot, but left out my ultimate companion.

So yeah, I’m under the gun to make tonight super special, but you know I wouldn’t leave you without a cool video to help you enjoy your Saturday. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Dominica, again, and one of the awesome natural attractions that we hope to check out if we get there in 2011: Boiling Lake.

I made up for missing my 10th anniversary, in part, by taking my wife to Nevis in June and hiking The Source Trail (if you missed the story, click here to read all about it). It was an amazing and inspiring experience that has me excited about tackling new hiking adventures in the Caribbean next year. Boiling Lake in Dominica is high on my list, and this video shows why.

The hike itself appears to be a couple hours up and a couple hours back, and not exceedingly challenging. The payoff, though, looks exceedingly awesome! The lake area is eerie, with thick clouds of steam and very minimal plant growth. It’s no wonder, of course, as the water temps exceed 300-degrees! Looks like something you might find on an alien world, which of course makes it a must-see for us!

Well, it’s a must-see so long as the seeing doesn’t take place on November 21st.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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