Hiking the Caribbean


There are views in the Caribbean that defy description – views that inspire; that touch your very soul. You won’t find them lounging astride any resort pool, nor relaxing topside on some mega-ship. No, the Caribbean’s very best views are earned. So, let’s take a look at the best hiking in the Caribbean.

Ancient footpaths carved out by runaway slaves, mystic treks to pristine water sources, steep climbs up soaring mountain peaks, slippery descents INTO volcanoes – Caribbean hiking adventures challenge, taunt, tantalize, and reward like few travel experiences on earth.

Sweat, sore muscles, scrapes, bruises – these are the costs of hiking, but the payoffs available across the Caribbean make it all worth it!

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Boven National Park View of the Quill Volcano, St. Eustatius
St. Eustatius

Boven National Park View of the Quill Volcano, St Eustatius

To enjoy this view, you'll want to hike the Boven Trail in St. Eustatius. This adventure starts in Venus Bay within the Boven National Park.
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