Bountifully Sweet Saona Island, Dominican Republic

Of all the quintessential so-called deserted islands found scattered all around the Caribbean, arguably none are quite as sweet as Saona.

Well, at least to lovers of a certain candy bar, anyway…

Small (42 square miles) and mostly flat (highest elevation: 115 feet), Saona sits just off the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. A main attraction within the DomRep’s East National Park, the protected islet is a popular stop for day-trippers keen on snorkeling her protected waters and enjoying Saona’s miles and miles of picture-perfect white sand beaches.

Those same amazing shores have attracted many a Hollywood production to tiny Saona over the years, most famously for UK fans, this classic 1980’s TV ad…

Saona’s shores are well-suited to the deserted island myth, though in reality, approximately 300 people live here.

Not sure if they eat Bounty bars, though I doubt it. The local chocolate is far superior

More on Saona Island, including details on how to get there and things to do on the island, here.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Ian Bruce.

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