Paradise Island, Dominican Republic: Uncommon Envy

It’s been a good 10 years+ since I set foot in the Dominican Republic. Today’s featured photo suggests I might want to change that soon.

Of course, there’s a lot more than pristine and secluded sun-kissed private island shores enticing me here.

Cabarete, the adventure sports capital of the Caribbean; the towering heights of Pico Duarte; natural wonders within Los Haitises; an air of old Europe in La Zona Colonial de Santo Domingo – I could stay here for months and never see or experience enough.

This photo, though…

Like a lot of pequeño picture-perfect patches of sand in the Caribbean, it’s widely known as Paradise Island.

The real, and actually better-fitting, name is Cayo Arenal. Translation: Sand Cay, which is obviously exactly what this is.

Where it is, just off the DR’s northwestern coast between Puerto Plata and Montecristi, gives me the idea that this place may not offer quite the type of uncommon seclusion, devoid of tourist hordes, that we prefer.

It looks enticing enough to give it a try, though, don’t you think?

If you’ve ever been out to this Paradise Island (Cayo Arenal) and have some tips on how we might best enjoy the experience, let us know…


*Photo credit: Flickr user Ronald Saunders.

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