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Saturday Video: Sights and Sounds of the Dominican Republic

It’s been a couple weeks since our @GoDomRep Week celebration, but we’ve still got the spicy Latin Caribbean home of Merengue and the world’s best beisbol players high on our minds. And not just because we love just about all things DomRep either…

You see, we’re still waiting for someone to claim the grand prize in our @GoDomRep Week Sweepstakes.

Oh, we’ve picked a winner. We’ve even notified the winner via email.

To date, no response.

Perhaps said winner needs a bit more inspiration. For that, we offer today’s featured video showcasing select sights and sounds from this magical country…

The footage was captured and produced by Mr_Dume, a smart videographer who visited the DomRep in 2011 while working on a documentary about a criminal named Danny 45. Not sure how that piece turned out, but the lively imagery here certainly belies the primary subject matter…

Either way, here’s hoping this inspires our winner to come forward asap. If not, we’ll have to pick someone else!

Check your email people…


Lead photo credit: Alex Proimos via Flickr.

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