Karibik-Cruise 2017 – Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda. Powered by Master Yachting & Dream Yacht Charter. | Credit: Flickr user Christian Lendl

Getting The Week Off To A Good Start In Guadeloupe

Of all the different ways that exist to ensure a fruitful and productive week, just diving in and getting after it is my favorite… especially when the diving is being done off shores like these in Bouillante on the west coast of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe. Taking the plunge from a sailboat has its obvious joys here, of course, but that’s just one of several diving diversions you won’t want to miss in Bouillante. Scuba diving, in particular, is a big draw here. Bouillante is home to La Réserve Cousteau, a protected natural underwater reserve named for the most famous guy to ever don a mask and a pair of fins. The reserve stretches over an area measuring nearly four square miles around the Pigeon Islands just offshore Malendure Beach. Divers here can expect to encounter turtles, eels, and even seahorses among the corals and sponges. If your muscles get sore from all that scuba fun, Bouillante has you covered… naturally. Bouillante, translated from French, means boiling, a nod to the natural hot springs in the area. You won’t want to leave here without taking the plunge in these therapeutic waters.

Wish you were here..?


*Photo credit: Flickr user Christian Lendl.

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