Rupununi Rodeo

Rupununi Rodeo – Saddle Up for Guyana’s Wildest Easter Celebration

The occasional cowboy may not be all that rare-a-find in the Caribbean. Double Kickers, Hat Benders, and Arm Jerkers, though, are few and far between… That is unless you happen to be in Lethem in the spring for the Rupununi Rodeo.

Where’s Lethem, and what are these various kickers, benders, and jerkers?

Lethem is a remote town in southern Guyana sitting directly on the border with Brazil. It’s here each Easter that one of the region’s most uncommon annual cultural celebrations takes place – the Rupununi Rodeo.

(Double Kickers, Hat Benders, and Arm Jerkers are all rodeo terms.)

Beginning on the Saturday before Easter and continuing on through Easter Monday, the Rupununi Rodeo includes just about everything you might find at a similarly-styled 10-gallon good time somewhere in the western United States. Bareback riding, cattle roping, wild cow milking, greasy pig catching… They do it all here!

This great video was produced by the adventurous duo of Flor and Gaby at Te Quiero Hasta Alaska. The colorful travel blog traced the pair’s adventures as they trekked from their native Argentina all the way to Alaska! The content’s all in Spanish, of course, but well worth checking out even if you only enjoy the pics and videos.

(See more Te Quiero Hasta Alaska videos here.)

Ever mix in a little Rupununi Rodeo fun with your Easter celebrations? If so, let us know how you liked the experience in the comments section below.

*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Amanda Richards.

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