Friday Happy Hour: My All-Too-Sudden Surrender to Rhum Saint James Quintessence

One week from today, I’ll be halfway through my latest Martinique adventure! If all goes well, I will have also rendezvoused once again with the beauty above…

This is Rhum Saint James Quintessence. I was lucky enough to have a great friend, former colleague, and native Martinican gift me a bottle earlier this year following her own trip back home.

(More on the vaunted history of Rhum Saint James here.)

Isn’t she beautiful? I was so seriously taken with her looks upon initial inspection that I forced myself to refrain from sampling her sweet rhum goodness for a good two weeks after she entered my life.

Soon enough, though, the joy I derived from merely admiring her looks from afar faded in a flash of passion, wanting, and desire the likes of which I’d scarcely ever experienced! Our lips met (well, technically my lips met the rhum in my tumbler) and sparks flew.

She was hot, willing, and down for whatever. I surrendered completely, our torrid tête-à-tête stretching throughout the better part of a full three-day weekend.

When it was over, she was gone. I didn’t even have a chance to say good-bye, or record tasting notes for the purpose of producing a comprehensive review.

So, we’re purposely going to leave this one incomplete until next week, when I hope to be reunited with my sweet Cherie somewhere in Martinique. I fully intend to take things slow this time, giving us a chance to really get to know each other; maybe even exchange numbers so we can stay in touch this time, develop a friendship, or start some sort of relationship…

Yeah. We’ll see next week…

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