On-Site Martinique: Cap Est’s 5-Star Flat Screen TV’s

Flat Screen TV at Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa/SBPR

If you’re ever lucky enough to stay at a five-star resort in some windswept Caribbean paradise, the in-room TV will likely be the least of your concerns. That’d go double if you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the fabulous Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa in Martinique. From the minute it opened in December 2002, this exclusive Relais & Châteaux property has been Martinique’s premier vacation address for luxury and pampering far more rewarding than any Must-See TV programming.

There are only 50 suites here, each boasting a marvelous ocean view and stylish, colorful decor combining Caribbean and Far East accents with the finest in modern conveniences. Deluxe and executive suites (31 of the 50) have their own private pools and sexy outdoor showers. The expansive full-service Spa Guerlain is nice too. The resort’s policy forbidding more than two people in the spa at any time: priceless, especially for romantics and honeymooners.

But, back to the TV’s. As you can see in the photo above, they’re the same fancy flat screens you’d find in even most moderate hotels these days. The difference here is in the way the TV’s are mounted. They’re not confined to a wall, nor do they sit anchored to some other piece of fine furniture. Oh no, these TV’s are suspended seemingly in mid-air, though really attached at one side to rotating wood poles.

It’s an innovative mounting solution that I’ve never seen anywhere else. No matter where you decide to hang out in your suite – sleeping area, living room or even those private pools I mentioned earlier – these poles allow you to position the flat screen for optimal viewing. It’s pretty cool, especially if you’re a hockey fan, like me, and in Martinique during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as I was last spring when I snapped the photo above.

I doubt that cool TV’s will be the thing that draws you here, but they are a nice touch in a resort that’s full of them.

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