Watercolor Sunset in Martinique: Photo of the Day

Photographing sublime sunsets has long been a favorite part of my uncommon adventuring all over the Caribbean, but never before have I managed to come away with an image quite like the one above. I snapped it on the shores of the small fishing village of Le Carbet in northern Martinique.

Longtime UC readers may remember that these shores are also where you’ll find one of my favorite beach bars/restaurants – Le Petibonum. Amazing rhums were already being had, and an even more amazing dinner was soon to come. First, though, as is always the case at Le Petibonum, it was time for a swim.

With my everything-proof Olympus TG-1 tough camera in tow, I set about attempting to secure a selfie that best captured the utter euphoria I always feel at this spot. The resulting image worked out pretty well, but much to my surprise, so did the shot above.

My lens was smudged with sunscreen and salt water, there was hardly any light to speak of, and I truly wasn’t going for anything even remotely resembling the artistic, watercolor-like representation I ended up with, but what’s photo fun without a bit of luck, right?

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