Baha Mar Art Collection

Baha Mar Art Collection – 1 Good Reason to Stray Onto the Beaten Path in Nassau

There’s a lot for uncommon travelers not to like about Baha Mar. The newest mega-resort in Nassau is so large, so sprawling and utterly ostentatious that it redefines the type and style of homogenized mass tourism we dislike in almost every way. A huge exception, though, is the amazing Baha Mar art collection.

The Current Gallery and Art Center at Baha Mar is nothing short of a triumph. It’s touted as the world’s largest collection of Bahamian art. The distinction and Baha Mar’s swank factor might lead you to think that the artwork is all tucked away in some exclusive, museum-like facility. 


The incredible Baha Mar art collection extends throughout the property. Spellbinding works encompassing a dynamic range of artistic mediums are virtually everywhere you look. This includes the lobby from the casino to the Convention Center. That’s where I found the piece pictured above during a quick visit in January 2020.

Sadly, that biz trip was too short to really delve into the art scene at Baha Mar. Next time I’m in Nassau, though, you can bet that I’ll make time to stray onto the beaten path to experience these works in greater detail.


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