Caribbean Spices

Caribbean Spices – Where To Find Them Away From The Islands

The sensationally aromatic spices that give Caribbean food its fabulous flavor are easily found throughout our islands. Local markets are the best places to start your search. Le Marché Couvert in Martinique. La Reine Farmers Market in St. Croix. The New Market in Dominica. Curacao’s famed Floating Market. Any even meager meanderings through these and other local markets will satiate all of your desires for Caribbean spices.

Outside of the region, though, it’s not quite so easy. At least not for those of us who don’t live in or close to a Caribbean community. South Florida, New York, London, Toronto – all are home to large populations of West Indians. Naturally, all of these areas also boast Caribbean grocery stores stocked with all manner of Caribbean spices. Googling “Caribbean grocery store near me” is all it takes to find ’em.

But, what if you don’t live close to any Caribbean communities? Can you still get the same authentic Caribbean spices used across the region delivered to your home?

The answer is yes! A lot of them can be found easily on

Caribbean Spices via

This bag of Chief brand Curry Powder that I use regularly

Much-loved Jamaican spices produced by Grace Foods.

Kuchela, Hot Chow, and a wealth of other Matouk’s pepper sauces and seasonings from Trinidad.

Green Seasoning and other products from Baron’s of Saint Lucia.

If you can’t find the Caribbean spices you want on Amazon, though, don’t worry. My friends at Bedessee’s say they can hook you up.

Bedessee’s West Indian Grocery

Bedessee’s is my go-to West Indian grocery store here in South Florida. You can get most anything and everything from the Caribbean there. In look, feel, sound, smell, and product selection this place takes me back to the islands like nowhere else.

Bedessee’s doesn’t quite have its online store up and running yet. If you know what you’re looking for, though, just give them a call (Tel: 954-583-3700) and they’ll try to get it to you.

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