Bahamas Mirage

Discovery Island, The Bahamas – A Veritable Fata Morgana to Uncommon Travelers

This view of Discovery Island doesn’t fit the technical definition of a Fata Morgana. The complex superior mirage named for the sorceress Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend carries some rather specific criteria. In many ways, though, Discovery Island is all kinds of ignis fatuus to me.

I first spied Discovery immediately upon checking into The Marley Resort in Nassau and retreating to my balcony. Lush green trees appeared to fill her interior. Brilliant white sands skirted her shores. Low-lying structures hinted at civilization. A private island paradise, perhaps? I was intrigued and anxious to hop over.

Later on, though, it became clear that I was better off staying away.

Discovery Island is actually two islands in one, albeit in name only. The western end is known as Balmoral Island. It’s a shore excursion playground for Royal Caribbean. The east side, Sandals Island, is an offshoot of the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort.

So, in this one small islet you have separate outposts representing two of the leading purveyors of mass tourism in the Caribbean. As a bonus(?), you also have the only Starbucks on a private island! That claim, though, may also not be what it seems…

Discovery Island… At least it’s nice to look at from afar. 

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