Indian Town Point, Antigua | SBPR

Rugged Reflection at Indian Town Point, Antigua

With 365 beaches spread over just 95 miles of coastline, it’s easy to picture all of Antigua’s shores coated in pristine white sand. Such is not the case at Indian Town Point. The rugged promontory juts out into the Atlantic between Wilikie’s and Nonsuch Bay. Like Hams Bay back home in St. Croix, Indian Town Point is a bit of a mystical “No Man’s Land.” It’s not as remote, though. Major resorts – Pineapple Beach Club and The Verandah – lie a short jog away. So too do the soft sands, souvenir shops, and eateries of Long Bay. Here along the hardscrabble shoreline, though, all of everything can seem a million miles away. Arrive early and enjoy the sunrise over Devil’s Bridge. Then delight in a little meditation in the cool of the early morning hours, the crashing waves and salt spray soothing you into the day.

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