Petite-Anse Fishing Boats Resting in the Shade, Martinique

Petite-Anse Fishing Boats Resting in the Shade, Martinique

Anywhere in the Caribbean that you might find fishing boats resting in the shade, you’re sure to find great seafood close by. Petite-Anse is no exception.

As its name suggests, Petite-Anse is small. It is, in fact, the smallest of the magical beach havens that comprise Les Anses-d’Arlet in southern Martinique.

Petite-Anse’s small size, though, is a big plus for uncommon travelers. You won’t find the same level of crowds here as tend to proliferate along other, more popular Anses-d’Arlet. (Anse Dufour and Grand Anse-d’Arlet, for example.)

When it comes time for lunch, that also makes getting a taste of fresh fruits de la mer caught daily aboard boats like these a little easier. Opt for Snack Fredo, a cozy open-air restaurant set at the intersection of Rue de la Chapelle and Highway D37.

Actually, Snack Fredo’s spillover seating sits right on Rue de la Chapelle just above the beach and these boats.

French-Creole menu options here feature a medley of seafood favorites. Lambi (conch), sea bass, barracuda, red snapper, lobster

Best of all, you know it’s all super-fresh just by looking at the boats.


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