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Timelapsing Around El Morro in Old San Juan

With magical memories of The Epic Side of Trinidad timelapse video still fresh in our minds, we simply couldn’t resist sharing this similarly amazing timelapse perspective on El Morro, the sprawling 16th century fort that’s as much a symbol of Old San Juan and Puerto Rico as anything else.

Whereas the Trinidad video showcases a wide range of sights and attractions all around our ancestral island, this shorter piece focuses squarely on El Morro, artfully reflecting the enduring strength and beauty of the historic structure through inspiring music and stunning videography, captured both day and night. Only briefly does the lens stray to San Juan Cemetery, where you may recognize the subject of our second Uncommon Photo-Op post, and to La Rogativa, which we first showed you a couple December’s ago.

El Morro more than holds the viewer’s attention on her own, though, further testament to why you shouldn’t miss this incredible attraction no matter how many times you may have seen her before.

This unique look at El Morro was produced by the creative team at Sentido Común, a San Juan-based film and video production company that obviously has some seriously deep pride in their island and the skills to show it off like never before. Their Timelapse Project exploring Puerto Rico’s signature attractions also includes a magical look at El Yunque.

What’s next for The Timelapse Project? Personally, I’m hoping they’ll head south to feature the underrated town of Ponce, home to DonQ, the Parque de Bombas, and so much more. Or how about the usually sleepy fishing village of La Parguera, which springs to life on the weekends when San Juaneros escape to its more laid-back charms.

Either way, I’m sure the guys at Sentido Común won’t have trouble finding more incredible subjects to feature. Puerto Rico just doesn’t disappoint, something they obviously already know…

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🇵🇷 Old San Juan

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