Saturday Video: Get Blown Away by The Epic Side of Trinidad

Timelapsing Through Trinidad from Kevin Huggins on Vimeo.

While Steve has been a lot recently, it’s been a few years since I’ve visited Trinidad. On that trip, I only spent one night in Port-of-Spain before setting off in search of our long lost grandmother Steve had recently reconnected with. She was living down south in Point Fortin, so the drive was a great opportunity to get away from the crush of the big city and experience another side of The Land of the Humming Bird… One the video above has me desperate to see more of!

Being our family home, Steve and I often praise the beauty and culture of Trinidad, but this video takes it to a whole new level! The timelapse videography and swelling music is enough to blow away even the most jaded traveler. Many highlights of the island make it into the film, but it’s the presentation that really gets the heart racing. Local filmmakers Kevin Huggins and Anthony Fung even won the Most Original Film Award at the Chronos Film Festival with his epic piece.

So, if this video doesn’t tug at your explorer’s instinct, doesn’t get your pulse pounding, doesn’t literally compel you to want to be in Trinidad this very instant… See a doctor. And to everyone else, when are we going?!

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