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Puerto Rico’s Incredible Cueva Ventana: Uncommon Attraction

Our fascination with Puerto Rico’s amazing Rio Camuy Caves has long been established in this space, but it’s the utterly unbelievable views and photo-ops afforded by the cave pictured above that has me most excited about returning to the Arecibo area later this year.

This is the incredible Cueva Ventana, aptly titled as the name translated into English means “Window Cave.”

Unlike Rio Camuy and a lot of other cave systems that invite you in through large openings that quickly give way to pitch-dark nether regions way underground, the spectacular “window” opening is the climax at Cueva Ventana. It rests high upon a limestone mountain, providing one of the more remarkable views anywhere, the lush Rio Grande de Arecibo valley stretching out before you in all its glory.

Offering great shelter, a unique location, and that exceptional view, it’s little wonder that Cueva Ventana has harbored its fair share of residents over the centuries. Taino petroglyphs are scrawled along the walls in certain sections further fueling the imagination.

The view alone suggests it might take some doing to access this special place, but in actuality this adventure’s a breeze. Well, at least that’s how the great folks at Puerto Rico Day Trips make it sound. Check out their great post with details on directions, parking, best times to visit, and more right here.


*Photo credit: Flickr user and frequent UC contributor, Hiral Golsalia.

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