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🇫🇷St. Barthélemy

Saturday Video: The Good Life in St. Barths

No corner of the Caribbean is quite as synonymous with “The Good Life” as St. Barths, an association that renders these swanky shores unattainable in the minds of most.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. As we’ve shown here and here, St. Barths can be enjoyed on the cheap… relatively speaking…

Still, it is the luxury side of this island enclave that outshines all other characterizations, fueling top shelf travel dreams like these…

This amazing video was shot and edited by Florent Gay, the creative blogger, surfer, and freeskier known as Chillinmaster, whose motto – Inspiration Through Exploration – is right up our alley.

Check out Chillinmaster online here, and be sure to follow him on twitter and instagram.

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🇫🇷St. Barthélemy

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🇫🇷St. Barthélemy

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