St. Croix Spring 2018 | SBPR
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3 Weeks Ago Along Sandy Point, St. Croix

More snow..?!!

Yeah, we hear you. Patrick especially feels your pain, living as he does in New York. For many of you, this is the longer, longer, longer, longer, longer, longer, longer winter Bob Marley sang about way back when. Meanwhile, just three weeks ago at Sandy Point Beach back on our home island of St. Croix, I couldn’t even spell winter. Cold temps, snow, and other such assorted winter horrors barely even registered as distant memories, so sweet were the seas, so warm the sands and greetings from old friends, so fantastic the entire scene…

Wish you were here?

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🇻🇮St. Croix

Back to St. Croix

Favorite beaches, because the food is so good, because the sunsets are so beautiful, to swim with the fish, to go sailing, because it never snows there — there are probably a million reasons to return to St. Croix. What are yours?
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