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Feather Leaf Inn Dragonfly House Room #2 – View With a Room in St. Croix

My first night’s sleep during my May 2021 stay at The Feather Leaf Inn Dragonfly House Room #2back home in St. Croix was, in a word, horrendous. As it relates to this very special property, though, that was a very good thing.

I knew what I was getting into, of course. Various friends from my high school days in STX had once lived at the property now known as The Feather Leaf. (It was called Butler Bay or Estate Butler’s Bay back then.) Much has changed (and continues to change) about the old sugar plantation.

One thing, though, remains just as good as ever: the utter, absolute, and blessedly profound peace and quiet here.

Nature Escape in St. Croix

I wanted this. Not only an escape back to my home island, but also, in a way, a journey back to the quieter times I once knew there. A time without air conditioning; when the sounds that lulled you to sleep (or kept you awake) were all natural. Crickets. Frogs. Waves crashing off in the distance. A time when the skies were so dark that you could easily see, and almost dare to touch, any one of a zillion+ stars.

Feather Leaf Inn proudly offers all of that. They even make sure you know it in the email they send confirming your reservation…

We want to remind you that we are a different type of hotel. We are an Eco destination that focuses on unique travel experiences and being immersed in nature. Our rooms are open-air (No AC) and the Inn is powered by 100% renewable energy. There is no glass on the screened windows with louvers so you hear the crickets and birds in the trees and the waves on the seashore. 

Echoes of Dominica and Costa Rica

A few other places I’ve stayed at have matched Feather Leaf in peace and quiet. The old Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica is definitely tops among them. Mawamba Lodge in Costa Rica was similarly tranquil, though with MUCH more exotic nocturnal neighbors serenading me through the night.

I slept SUPER poorly my first night at all of ’em, the sublime silence proving a shock to my system so used to noise pollution. Each subsequent night, though, brought progressively deeper, more delicious zzz’s as my body increasingly fell in tune with nature.

I’m happy to say that the same thing happened at Father Leaf. The simple act of staying here essentially detoxified my senses.

Rejuvenating View

Whether groggy and sluggish from that first sleepless night or fully refreshed from my last, each morning at Feather Leaf greeted me with the same sweet scene pictured above.

This is my balcony in room #2 at Dragonfly House at The Feather Leaf Inn. Waking up here amid singing birds, darting butterflies, bees, and iguanas balancing along the tree tops is pure heaven, whether you slept well or not.

Editor’s note: While firmly established among the collection of newly reimagined historic hotels in Saint Croix, The Feather Leaf Inn is still very much a work in progress. Renovations continue apace as of Spring 2021, particularly in the Manor House, which is separate from the digs I enjoyed at Dragonfly House. The Ocean House is another standalone option capable of accommodating up to five persons traveling together. You don’t necessarily feel the construction or renovations impinging on your stay here (at least I didn’t). As with the note in the reservation email, though, it pays to know what to expect.

For more on The Feather Leaf Inn, be sure to like them on Facebook and visit them online.

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