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St Croix Yoga Retreats at Feather Leaf Inn – Uncommon Envy

Despite its horrors, the COVID-19 pandemic yielded silver linings for many of us. We adopted new habits, traditions, and pursuits to get through the tough times. Often, these changes centered on self-improvement. More consistent exercise, healthier diet choices, less screen time, etc. The biggest such sea change for me was all about yoga, a fact that has me jonesing to check out the St Croix yoga retreats at The Feather Leaf Inn.

While not completely new to me, yoga was definitely not a primary element of my normal pre-pandemic workout regime. You wouldn’t even call my practice sporadic as I only really indulged a few times over the past 10+ years. Also, the vast majority of those few yoga sessions were enjoyed while traveling, most memorably in Trinidad

A yogi I most certainly was not.

COVID, though, changed everything. I still wouldn’t call myself a yogi, but I did practice just about every day for two+ years.

(Big thanks to Yoga With Adriene and SarahBethYoga for inspiring me through the magic of YouTube.)

With the pandemic now squarely in the rearview, I’m still hitting my yoga mat, though not as often. Maybe I need a new source of inspiration to reinvigorate my yoga journey. Something like the scene pictured above.

I happened upon that particular yoga session while visiting my home island of St Croix. To suggest that I was spellbound at the sight would be an understatement.

I mean, could there be a better place to feel grounded, present, and at peace than nestled in the shade beneath a majestic Saman Tree?

Just off in the distance, waves lapped soothingly against rocky shores. Birds sang out and butterflies danced along cooling breezes as the group surrendered to what surely must be the most sweetly satisfying savasana imaginable.

Yeah, I want this.

If you do too, check in with our friends at The Feather Leaf Inn. The inspired (on sooo many levels) boutique property hosts a series of St Croix yoga retreats and yoga brunch events each year. Follow Feather Leaf on Facebook and Instagram to keep informed of upcoming yoga and wellness events.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on a mat under that amazing tree real soon!

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