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Coral Bay Overlook Webcam Brings St. John Home To You

Coral Bay wasn’t looking so great last time we visited. Hurricane Irma had essentially devastated the quiet hamlet on the east end of St. John just nine months prior. This view from the Coral Bay overlook shows the scars. Hillsides devoid of their usual green. Blue tarps covering a few roofs. It was hard to tell that a hurricane hat hit St. John at all over in Cruz Bay at the other side of the island. Here, though, Irma’s raw fury was still plainly evident.

Fast forward to right now, today, and the renewed glory of Coral Bay…

Coral Bay Views on St. John

This live webcam view obviously emanates from a spot well below the Coral Bay overlook, but you get the picture. The hills are alive again and St. John is just as beautiful as ever!

The beauty from this vantage point is further enhanced by the string of islands trailing off toward the horizon. The British Virgin Islands are so close from Coral Bay that you almost feel like you can touch them!

It must be amazing waking up here and watching the sunrise over the rolling hills, islands, and sea, right?

To test-drive the experience, be sure to check back in here during the pre-dawn hours for a live view of one of the most incredible sunrises anywhere. 


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