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Haunted Caribbean: Don’t Trifle With Le Ti Bolom

Popular culture presents us with several different ways to summon spirits, spooks, and other inhabitants of the netherworld. Slenderman, demons, witches – you can invite them all to really haunt your Halloween. To add a Caribbean spin to your supernatural guest list, though, you’ll have to risk trifling with le Ti Bolom.

The Ti Bolom, or little devil, are mostly found in St. Lucia, though you shouldn’t be surprised to see them elsewhere across the Caribbean. The spirits represent the souls of children who died before being baptized. They are the Devil’s subjects, damned for all eternity to do his bidding.

Sometimes that means simple haunting and tormenting. Other times it means helping the Devil steal souls.

The Ti Bolom hide in the bush and secluded areas crying out like little lost kids in need of assistance. When you venture into the bush to investigate, the Devil makes off with your soul.

Yeah, they’re plenty scary little guys. Thankfully, though, they’re also pretty easy to keep away from your home. All you have to do is spread a fine layer of salt across your doorstep and turn over the hem on your clothes. Piece of cake, right?

Now, about summoning one of these bad little dudes…

Take a raw egg, place it under your pillow, and sleep on it for a couple nights. On day three, you’ll awake to a Ti Bolom.

WARNING: You don’t just wake up with a new little friend just happy to be your pal. TI BOLOMS ARE EVIL!! If the Ti Bolom speaks to you first when you wake up, it will become your master and retain control over your soul! Speak first, though, and the Ti Bolom will serve only you.

That may all be well and good for a time, but what do you do when you get tired of having a little demon servant?

Getting rid of your Ti Bolom…

All you have to do is give him an impossible task. Send him to fetch some water using a basket with tons of holes in it, or have him count all the grains of sand on the beach. As long as the task exhausts him to the point of death, you’re good to go.

Happy Halloween!

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