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Jade Mountain Mango Madness Festival Fetes Fruit in High Style

It being mango season right about now across the Caribbean, there are countless choice spots where you can get your fill of the sweet ‘n juicy jewels. As Patrick noted awhile back, you don’t need a special invitation or even any money to get a taste. Just find yourself in the islands sometime in the next few weeks and you’re sure to get your mango fix!

Now, for the more jet-set among us – those seeking a more uncommonly exclusive, exalted mango-themed culinary experience – there’s the Jade Mountain Mango Madness Festival.

One of the more exclusive resort addresses in St. Lucia, or anywhere else in the Caribbean for that matter, Jade Mountain is fabulously adept at indulging luxury tastes and desires for just about anything. When it comes to mangoes, that means an extended weekend filled with mango-themed cocktail parties, cooking classes and workshops, a mango-champagne brunch, and an audacious sounding “Night of 1,000 Mangoes” exotic five-course dinner featuring – you guessed it – mangoes!

Co-hosting the event alongside Jade Mountain will be acclaimed Chef Allen Susser. This guy wrote the book on gourmet mango cuisine… literally!

His Great Mango Book is widely celebrated as the definitive tome for all things mango cooking, covering everything from the fruit’s culinary history to original recipes for chutneys, cocktails, entrees, desserts and more.

With Chef Susser guiding the culinary explorations in and around the upscale environs at Jade Mountain, Festival goers may find it difficult to look at mangoes in quite the same “free lunch” way that Patrick originally suggested again. I’m sure, though, that their appetites will be no less satisfied, both for the fruit and the best of St. Lucia…

This year’s Jade Mountain Mango Madness Festival is slated for June 7-11.

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