Summer Dreams of Stealing Away to Saint Martin

Summertime in Saint Martin…

It has a really nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Already in 2016 we’ve enjoyed a touch of Saint Martin’s winter season (always fun what with February’s Carnival in Marigot and all) and a good bit of her spring; me, adventuring on land (mostly) just a few weeks ago, while Patrick sailed the island’s surrounding seas.

Still, it is the prospect of summering in Saint Martin that now holds sway over my wanderlust… specifically, summering on the French Side.

I spent every second of my last visit in the French territory up north, delving deeply into her West Indian Creole and traditional French culinary charms, her tres-chic hotels, local art, storytelling, nightlife, and amazing offshore islets like Tintamarre (pictured above).

I came away from the experience loving French Saint Martin more than ever… and wanting to share more of that love with you.

So, we’ve decided to dedicate this week to doing just that!

Our first @IleSaintMartin Week starts today and runs through the weekend. Get ready to learn a lot of new and uncommon things about this special corner of the French West Indies…

Oh, and if you’re on twitter or instagram, be sure to follow hashtag #ilesaintmartinwk so you don’t miss any of the fun.

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