How To Roam Around Trinidad and Tobago Like a Local

It’s easy to visit Trinidad & Tobago and not see much of anything beyond the tall buildings and bustling streets of Port-of-Spain. That goes double this time of year – Carnival Season – when all the action, fun, sexiness, and excitement you could ever want all center on the capital.

You’d be missing a lot, of course.

The real Trinidad & Tobago presents as wildly dynamic a destination as any in the Caribbean.

Natural wonders the likes of Dominica, sublime beaches on par with the Dominican Republic, innovative cuisine with echoes of India, the Middle East, Africa, China, and Japan, scuba and snorkeling adventures sure to solicit envy from your friends, and utterly uncommon attractions like Pitch Lake found nowhere else on earth – that’s just a small sampling of what makes Trinidad & Tobago so special.

Okay, full disclosure: my parents were both born and raised in San Fernando, effectively Trinidad’s “second city,” located on the southwest coast, a decent-sized drive from the capital.

So I’m biased.. So what? The fact remains: the Trinidad & Tobago beyond Port-of-Spain offers everything the uncommon traveler could want…

Cheers to the great folks at RoamTT for showcasing the best of our ancestral home in such stunning style. RoamTT doesn’t just show off Trinidad & Tobago in videos, though. They’re a local tour company that pairs visitors with locals, facilitating the types of uncommon travel experiences we love!

Learn more about all that Trinidad & Tobago has to offer, and just how RoamTT can help you savor and experience it like a local here.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user neiljs.

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