Manzanilla Trinidad Sea Shells

Manzanilla Trinidad Sea Shells: Photo of the Day

Manzanilla Trinidad sea shells are a nice find for uncommon beachcombers. That’s not to say, though, that Manzanilla Beach is the equal of Shell Beach (Australia), Sanibel, or even Eleuthera. It does, however, boast 17 uninterrupted miles of sandy shoreline. All of it is buffeted relentlessly by the Atlantic Ocean. So yeah, naturally Manzanilla is a haven for sea shells.

Manzanilla Trinidad sea shells are found here in concentrated clusters. Each pile is separated by lengthy swaths of sand as though someone had collected them in their spots purposely.

Well, at least that’s how we found them during a quick visit here in April 2014. Even then, our explorations were confined to a small corner at the northern edge of the beach.

With a good 16+ miles of essentially empty shoreline further south, it would’ve taken us a few days or more to really see what Manzanilla’s sea shell treasures were all about.

Music to the ears of beachcombers everywhere, I’m sure…

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