For over 200 years, in one form or another, Trinidad Carnival has been bringing dreams to life through pageantry, colors, music, storytelling, and an almost overwhelming sense of freedom. This year, it was my dream that became real. Last year I expressed my desire to finally put myself in the middle of Carnival’s splendor. I’m talking everything. All the fetes. Jouvert. Carnival Monday. And, of course, Carnival Tuesday.

Thanks mostly to Steve, my dream came true!

Expect to hear all about the details of the past week soon, but for now, know this: once is never enough!

As Steve experienced on his first time, when you’re bitten by the Carnival bug there’s no hope of escape. So, I’m letting you in on a new dream of mine: to attend Trinidad Carnival 2016! This time with Steve so we can do it all again.

Care to join us? See you in 2016!

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