Fantastic Friday Amps Up The Energy at Trinidad Carnival: Photo of the Day

Fantastic Friday is finally here, and with it, the incredible International Soca Monarchs competition!

The Super Bowl of Soca, as it’s come to be known in some corners, was among the most amazing events I got to experience during Trinidad Carnival last year. In it, the world’s best soca artists compete against each other to win three titles – Int’l Soca Monarch for the best uptempo song, Int’l Groovy Monarch for the best slower paced song, and the People’s Choice crown, determined from votes cast via text by fans a la American Idol.

It all adds up to a wild night of scintillating performances the equal of any stage show put on by any major label recording artist anywhere in the world.

The sheer size, deafening sound, and elaborate showmanship of the event came as a bit of a surprise to me. How could it be, I thought, that such an incredible concert, so grand in its production and stimulating in its music not be broadcast live each year on MTV, or some other such major U.S. network?

The show is that big; that deserving; that great!

Like everything else during Trinidad Carnival, the performances extend well into the wee hours of the morning. It was around 3am when the reigning King of Soca, Machel Montano (pictured above), wrapped up his night soaring OVER the crowd dressed as Superman in his now legendary performance.

Montano has taken home the last three Soca Monarch titles (tying for top honors with Super Blue last year) and each of the last two Groovy Monarch crowns.

Can he keep up his incredible string of success? We’ll find out tonight!

To catch all the action live via the Internet, tune in to Ultrastream.tv starting at 8pm TONIGHT!

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