Saturday Video: Lord Kitchener’s Love in the Cemetery

G.B.T.V. CultureShare ARCHIVES 1994: LORD KITCHENER "Love in the cemetery"

What better way could there be to start a Saturday than with a classic from my favorite calypsonian, the one and only Lord Kitchener! And in the spirit of the Halloween season, today’s selection is a live performance of the Grandmaster’s 1962 hit Love in the Cemetery, a hilarious account of a late-night Kitch love tryst gone awry due to run-ins with a ghost and other assorted undead characters.

To help you sing along, we’ve even posted the lyrics below. Enjoy!


It was dark, dark, dark
In a big, big park
I felt like a king upon de throne
Me and Imelda liming alone
When I heard a voice
And a shrieking noise
As I look around frightfully
I was in the center of the cemetery

Yuh talk about run
I nearly bus’ meh head
De livin’ running from de dead
A ghos’ say, ‘Doh’ run meh lad
Come leh we play a game of cards’
Well is now ah runnin’ in truth
Meh foot stick in a mango root
Ah fall down inside a tomb
Ah get up with a zoom-zoom-zoom

What had me sad
And really mad
I was just about to start
A little romance wit’ meh sweetheart
I kissed her twice
Just feeling nice
When a voice said ‘Mister yuh brave
To be bringin’ yuh girlfriend on top meh grave’

As ah reach de street
A tall gentleman I meet
I was feeling so happy
To tell him of meh fright in de cemetery
He said ‘I can understand
You’re a wild young man
But still you’re not to be blamed
When I was alive I was just the same’

De scream I make
Ah sure de whole world shake
Ah now in big trouble
‘Cause ah sure ah see de Devil
Ah see a big black horse
On a big white cross
As ah bawl out ‘Oh Gorm ah dead’
A voice say ‘Kitch, come go to bed’



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