Saturday Video: The Adventures of Captain T&T

We didn’t grow up with any superheroes in the Caribbean… not any homegrown ones, anyway.

Oh, we had Anancy, the fabled spider of African folklore. He got the superhero treatment recently on the Kids’ WB Network, but for us, his adventuring was always about saving his own skin… usually from trouble he’d brought upon himself.

Like kids in the States (and elsewhere, I suppose), our superhero playtime fun revolved around Superman, Batman, the Flash, Gren Lantern, and the like. We’d dress up, pretend to fly around, kick some pretend ass, and save the world all before supper.

They’re among my favorite childhood memories, which I guess explains why I love this video so much…

Universally-acclaimed, the short film is but one of a growing collection of award-winning works produced by Christopher Guinness, an animator and director from Trinidad & Tobago with an obvious genius for video storytelling and a true passion for his Trini roots.

To check out more of Christopher’s films, visit him online.

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