Trinidad Surf King, Jason Apparicio

Trinidad Surf King, Jason Apparicio

I didn’t do hardly any planning for a recent trip to Tobago. Trinidad’s beachy and more laid back sister island lends itself well to spontaneous travel fun. I mean, my plane tickets, accommodations and rental car were all set in advance, of course. Outside of that, though, this trip was a blank canvass of God knows what. My one wish list item: another lesson with the Trinidad Surf King.

I’m talking, of course, about Jason Apparicio.

Remember my first lesson with Jason a couple years ago? Yeah, that little adventure ended in comical fashion for me.

There’s nothing funny, though, about Jason’s skillful instruction or masterful surfing technique. The video below offers proof. It shows the Trinidad Surf King conquering waves around Reunion Island with the artful precision that’s made him one of the Caribbean’s top surfing pros for years.

Jason Apparicio : Reunion Island

Getting instruction from such an accomplished surfer and all around great guy as Jason is a treat. Whether you flame out as I did previously, or you dance atop the waves as I hope to do next time, the experience is one you surely won’t regret!

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