Introducing Simply Beautiful Beach House in Manzanilla, Trinidad: Uncommon Envy

Even on a dreary and overcast day, it’s nice to have sand and surf for a backyard… especially when that backyard is Manzanilla Beach.

As noted here and here, this extended stretch of palm-lined paradise embodies our uncommon beach dreams in many great ways. The photo-ops, the limin’ spots; the shells, seclusion and wildlife… If you’re anything like us, you won’t want to leave here any time too soon after you’ve arrived.

Luckily for travelers like us, there’s the new Simply Beautiful Beach House.

Patrick and I stumbled across the place in the midst of some beachcombing photo fun back in April. At the time, any envious thoughts we may have had over possibly staying here were solely centered on Simply Beautiful’s sublime location. A family in residence that day ensured that we didn’t get to poke around too much, so we left not knowing much more about the house than its address and phone number.

After talking to Simply Beautiful’s owner Satesh Baran earlier today, though, my feelings of envy are plenty peaked right about now.

Satesh opened Simply Beautiful about a year ago. By the way he described the property, I think he may have planned it just for me.

Three bedrooms, two baths (plus an outdoor shower), a huge elevated patio overlooking the water, full kitchen, cozy dining area, all the other comforts of home, and that unbeatable location smack dab in the sands of Manzanilla Beach make Simply Beautiful sound simply perfect for the type of seaside family escape I’d like to treat my wife and kids to soon.

Even better… the price.

Satesh charges just US$300 for a weekend stay here!

That’s not a nightly or per-person price either. US$300, Friday-Sunday (two nights), that’s it.

If you wanna book a weeknight stay at Simply Beautiful, expect to pay around US$120 per-night. Again, that rate covers the whole place.

Satesh lives about 15 minutes away and there’s a security guard on the premises 24/7, so even though you’re blessedly on your own here, assistance is never too far away.

Neither is that amazing beach, of course, which makes getting here and staying here something you’ll want to do soon.

To book your stay at Simply Beautiful, call Satesh at Tel: 868-298-4700, and be sure to tell him hello from his friends at Uncommon Caribbean.

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