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2024 Goals? For Me, This Image Says it All…

If your 2024 goals and aspirations were a photograph, what would it look like? For me, this simple image comes close. A man and his dog enjoying a nice warm beach. Gin-clear seas, vibrant blue skies, and no one else in sight… Heaven.

That I’d prioritize quality time with my pup should come as no surprise to longtime UC fans. The story of how our love came to be (or better said, how she forced it to be) back on our shared home island of St Croix is one of my favorite all-time posts.

Yeah, would that that man were me; that dog my sweet Lily.

As for the beach, the particular plage pictured here is Tahiti Beach, one of many absurdly amazing stretches of sand in the Abacos. It’s not exactly what we’re used to.

Lily, the wife and I can be found most every Sunday morning on Fort Lauderdale Beach, which is nice. The sky often sports a similarly vibrant shade of blue. Seas are even pretty clear much of the time.

Crowds, though, can be a problem.

So, what about Abaco, or anywhere else in The Bahamas? I mean, is it possible for Lily and I (and yes, the wife too!) to realize my 2024 goals?

The answer is yes, though there are a few rules and regulations that we’ll need to follow. 

Will we actually get to replicate this very image? 

Stay tuned….

Oh, and if you’ve ever traveled to The Bahamas with your dog, or other pet, and have some tips, let us know!

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